I confess

July 19, 2008
By Alex Santos, Trujillo Alto, ZZ

These words I must tell you; I confess
Come from what my heart dires to express.
I have written down, what I’ve come to feel
You, a living muse, a dream so real.

I used to think true beauty had died
I had spent time searching, believe me, I’d tried;
Now when I look at you, I can’t help but smile
You bring back all the hope I had lost for a while.

If one day you are walking down a path
And happened to meet Beauty by a chance,
After she measures up to you face to face,
She would leave ashamed, she can’t match your grace.

Your hair, a beautiful silent night
Your smile, a warm embracing light
Your eyes, shine like the brightest star;
God must have worked on you a lot, by far.

Girl you truly are, without a doubt,
A masterpiece of God, both inside and out;
With a soul so clear and a heart so pure,
You must be a gift from heaven, of that, I’m sure

These words I have written; I confess,
Came from what my heart can’t cease to express,
Even if it’s just a small portion of what you inspire
I only ask you make them yours, my only desire.

After all I’ve said, I must conclude
Words fail to describe you girl, it’s true;
I thank God for letting me find such a rare treasure
Your worth as a friend is definitely without measure.

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