One Man's Red Victory

May 9, 2012
By Winter Earnest BRONZE, Roswell, New Mexico
Winter Earnest BRONZE, Roswell, New Mexico
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A single man to one army.
Can his pride win his honor?
With a swift dance like a man with no heart,
Another man loses his fate.

This single man, black hair cutting past his cold blue eyes.
The black robes of silk slice the air like fish cuts water.
One blade, held by one man, ends another.
Such a sin, yet this man runs to swiftly like a bird to the sky.

Each man, behind his back, falls in a clash of red.
To each man still breathing "See how I soar!"
Puddles of men like a slaughterhouse, that single man turns.
Ahead one man stands blocking his path to honor

As quick as the light, a single man faces his foe.
His rhythm danced so many times, plays like a chorus.
The clashes of light reflect the cold eyes of each man on the steel blade.
Together they fight like fire growing to be more than small.

To his mistake, the sunlight reflects the blade as it stains red.
A piercing to his side, he falls like the sun falls to night.
His foe standing standing tall raises his blade; the sun's gaze shines upon the fallen warrior.
Red staining his blue eyes, he falls with four words:
"See how I soar!"

The author's comments:
I wrote this after I had seen a dramatic movie of a group of warriors fighting for honor and freedom. During this movie my favorite warrior died. I was so annoyed with his death and how little honor he gained. I wrote this poem to redeem his honor.

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