July 19, 2008
By Katy Castineira, Miami Lakes, FL

Running, running, running out of breath,

I stop to look around to see if something is still after me.

I feel its presence close to me,

It gives me chills that run down my spine and signal my legs to keep running.

I run fro the unseen, to the unknown.

It's dark now,

To dark to run but with no light in sight I drop to the ground.

I curl up into a ball hoping to camouflage from the unseen and unknown,

But it found me and is invading my thoughts.

It's to dark to run and too dangerous to walk but its going inside my head!

I start to panic,

The only thing I can do to fight off this invasion is to scream, punch, and kick the air.

Now in my head I see the mirror that I'm standing in front of with a dark figure looking back at me.

Then I realize I'm running from myself.

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