The Song of The Sparrow

May 9, 2012
The song of the sparrow
Lives within me
She takes me up
Then dips me low
She soars within me
And bubbles up inside
The song of the sparrow becomes my own
The song of my sparrow is me
My song
My sparrow that’s breaking free
I used to not have a voice
I use to not have the courage to speak
Then my sparrow drifted by
She found me
And gave me my voice
I have been singing her song ever since
Our song
My song
Her will is my own
The song of the sparrow is my home
She took me in under her wing
And then she never once did stop loving me
This song that she put inside of me
Gave me the courage to trudge on
Gave me the wings to soar on
Through the hatred, and pain that consumed my soul
The song was always their whispering it comfort
The song was always there until I came running back to it
The sparrow’s song saved my soul
And even though sometimes I don’t see her
I know she’s there over me
Cradling me
Loving me
My Eye is on her, the sparrow
And I know she watches me

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