Reverberating Thunder

July 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Like Powder; whisked away in the turmoil of electricity
The blinds ascend, shutters open and curtains stray to the breeze
Trapped in this house, the rain with its holy touch
Explodes against my face, each drop a theatrical singing thrush
The melody of angst churning in a sea of cloud and sky
Beyond my dauntless onyx eyes
The night rushing between heated thighs
Lightning cracks the tensions in my heart and the upper-atmosphere divides
Step forth to the reverberating strength
Rolling through my being at electric rates
The dissonance of thunder enough to galvanize
Pumping electricity through spiraling veins
Igniting the dark in every crevice conceived
In the wintry bluster of your eyes
Tonight I fall from temptation
And although my fingertips and cool lips are electrified
My heart does cease to beat
and I die

The awesome and wicked power of these tumbling winds
Rushes into what is left as it all caves in
Crumbling from the core
All is choked, there is no more
And as definite as this fate
The demolition after the crescendos volcanic race
Is my sedate state
Under such circumstances I’ll find no warmth
My seductive tongue ripped out my mouth so it may tempt no more
And all my deeds no more than an ugly sore
In the mouth of a boy passion has scored,
The soft song is torn from my throat
And you shall hear no more
Dead, it’s done and I can love no one

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