July 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Circumfused all my explanations
Caught in the axis of procrastination
Blues and yellows soothe my impatience
Meanwhile love is still too complicated

Articulate in my steps and paces
Clever in my sedate chases
And your eyes keep my heart racing
A vice and devious fascination
With amber
I never knew colors before I knew this
I never saw eyes until I met his
And never did I treasure breathe so much
Until I lost it to your touch

Soothing shades of brown and gold
Temper my heart with a pronounced hold
And never were your lips so bold
As when I truly knew amber
It was almost midnight
You pulled me in and held me tight
And with such awesome surprise
I knew your kiss
Felt the most passionate vibrance-
From then I craved your touch
And reminisce
I get lost in the thought
Of this golden bliss
I fell into your eyes when I knew your lips
And never will I see a sight
More perfect than this
Irises pregnant with the warmth of amber

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