July 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Filled with trepidation
Broken through all elegance to my disheveled nature
Again I return to this desolate erasure
A pace unstoppable and discretionary
I run with the tide of earth; a current so revolutionary
And my heart beats a million miles per hour
I race the people and race the hour
Feathered wings beat against inertia
I rush the dormant air of December

Finally I see this comfort is an unfamiliar state
Unnatural and accidentally attained
Insinuated a safe and reassuring pace
Insolated from the laborious means I breathe
But expect no sympathy from me
I am a racer and I race to be free
The ties of expectancy
The ties of love that burden me
Are not nearly taught enough to capture my pace
Not nearly enticing enough to end this haste
And my heart explodes through the tethers
My pace is beyond you
And I can not ask to be anything better
I’m running free

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