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July 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Suddenly all companionship becomes an irritation
With no more of myself to give
And the ride home was long and twisted
My head spun when the earth titled
Your headlights turn away from me
Your eyes escape me
And I feel nothing but sorrow
And I have nothing left to give

Frail and fragile with demands
Carrying out each selfish command
And in the night I’m here with these big strong hands
But no support
My own doing is my end
And all thoughts escape me
And I have nothing left to give

So please just take me
Salvage what you can
Sort through the pieces of this desolate corpse
Void of all vital vitamins
Because long ago my heart flew away
It beats no more as this wheezing corpse decays
I can not be here anymore
These hands touch nothing but remorse
And each orifice is raw and sore
With the effort of living
My senses sensitive to all happenings
Light is aggressive
And noise demeaning
Time is of no essence
And you were only a blinder,
A shield from the flame
And a respirator
I thank you all for your careful pretense
But I am tired
And I have nothing left but the end

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