July 19, 2008
By Christina Wairegi, Pepper Pike, OH

Doused in chemically induced dreams
The notion that all golden reels of reality are turning at once, is real
The film flickering out the blazing sun onto a purple canvas of atmosphere and space
CO2 and chemical waste
Smoke spiraling into the turbine winds
Tumult rising and suffocation’s slow descent
Settling like a prayer,
All in one eloquent elongated lament
The dirge of planetary alignment and apocalyptic commencement
Lifetimes ending at the bridge along eternity’s rolling fences

The reverberating irony in the path of my murky imperfections
Reflected in the smoky light of fire soaring overhead
I can not imagine a life void of such a passionate attempt
At achieving greatness when in truth instead
I found myself all legs and breast
Sprawled in a bed lit beneath stars- I sent
A message into the atmosphere
An odd chant for all persons to hear
A Christian vow on a Buddhist head in Islam’s eyes I was born again
Means too twisted to test the method of this thorny angel
Dug into the earths brown haven I drew a fable,
Never were limbs so able to build a universe
It stemmed from my chest, the swelling beauty so ready to burst
The cavity opened and I gave in
To something greater than me that I could not contain
Branching out my body into the untamed edges of all knowing,
Forgetting that there are limitations in this world so showing
All possibilities are all results and it is not enough hoping
That tomorrow will change those things today which were so foreboding

Somewhere in this metallic dreamscape
Void of reason or sympathy
There is a tale that lies in the fate of humanity
But filled to the brim with explosive passion and imagery
I may find the best of the
world I’m wandering through aimlessly
Searching for a wonder like the power of my grasp
The power of my desire to rise, descend, conquer and apprehend
All which I am so disserving
Our lady of the imminent faith
Soars with me over this land of greens and grey
Into a reel of immaculate fate
So effortlessly, flying

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