A Second Look

July 18, 2008
By Maranda DeBusk, Greer, SC

How can I go from happy to sad so quickly?
This must be an angel’s fall from grace.
Just call me Lucifer,
But don’t.
Don’t call me what you don’t know.
Don’t say I lie if I don’t.
Maybe you could trust for once,
But no,
I won’t say that.
You trusted me as well as you know.
The fault was mine.
I put too much stock in words.
But your actions spoke the same.
Your lips wanted mine to touch as much as they said,
Although that may be no compliment to you.
As I sit in the place where this started
Tears well up in my eyes
And memories from twelve months past
Encroach on my consciousness.
I follow through our adventure,
Our rendezvous and late night talks,
And I smile weakly.
Part of me wants to cry still
To know that you’ve left me,
But part of me wants to be happy.
At least you gave me a second look.

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