A Long Rambling at the End of Our Relationship

July 18, 2008
By Maranda DeBusk, Greer, SC

I want to scream,
To release the tension that has built up inside.
Everything you said,
Everything we’ve done…
I don’t know what to believe.
Were you thinking of her
Each time you were distant?
Was she on your mind
When you held me?
When you kissed me?
When all I thought about was you?

I want to be angry,
I want to want to scratch your eyes out,
I wish to want to never see you again,
But I can’t.
This is karma finally getting her dues.
I did this to him,
And you did it to me.
At least you didn’t drag me
Like a toy dog
Through all the muck and the grime.
I was never that nice.

You apologized,
And you paired it with more reasons,
Better reasons,
For causing my tears,
But none of it really matters
Because even though you love her,
Even though she won in the end,
You still care about me.
And even though I should be mad,
And even though I should distance myself from you,
I won’t.

I know the pain you’re feeling.
You were my unrequited passion,
The boy I could never have,
Now the boy that I’ve lost.
You caused me all of the pain before,
The anguish I felt waiting for you,
But I’ll stand by you now.
I want you happy,
And right now I can’t give you that.
So I’m here to talk to,
I’m here to listen,
I’m here to help.

I hate to hope that one day you’ll miss me,
But deep down I do.
Deep down I want you to want me again,
But I’ll be okay,
And you’ll be okay.
We’ll get through this as friends,
Because that’s what friends do.

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