The Ballad of Dave and Duke

July 18, 2008
By Shea Packard, Cambridge, MA

The Ballad of Dave and Duke

Now come listen to me, come out of the fog,
And you shall hear of young Dave and his dog.
The dog’s name was Duke, he was Dave’s best friend,
But all good things must come to an end.

Dave found Duke in a shed, as just a young pup,
He took pity on him and helped him grow up.
Through good times and bad, Duke stood by his side,
The bond they formed could not be denied.

The pair would go hunting, in woods near the bay,
With much delight, many deer they would slay.
The times they shared in those woods of green,
Taught Dave to love, at only thirteen.

On a sweet autumn day, some time ago,
Dave went out to hunt with Duke and his bow.
While he notched an arrow, a shot did he hear,
But he looked around to find no one near.

Now that shot gave Duke such a great fright
That he ran off through the woods, out of Dave’s sight.
Dave had no clue where his dear friend had gone
But it was getting dark and he was starting to yawn.

So the next day he searched, ‘til he could search no more,
Without Duke by his side, his tears did pour.
Now Dave is alone, confused, and depressed,
He doesn’t go out, or even get dressed.

He just spends his days alone in his room,
A room which is now pervaded by gloom.
I know you may ask, “Where could Duke be”?
But that is a mystery, even to me.

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