How DO You Form

May 8, 2012
By AlexaNW PLATINUM, Ponte Vedra Bch, Florida
AlexaNW PLATINUM, Ponte Vedra Bch, Florida
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The way a description contours itself determines its presence in the world. If their shape is rough with harsh, pointed edges, then they appear like and form in words like rain. Their atmosphere malevolent and unforgiving. And if they should appear like a babbling brooke, with a certain grace and looseness. Then their tendencies drift about like a blanket protecting you form the boogeyman. But if they should take neither, is their presence black or white? Maybe nothing of the sort. Is it the same sort of purgatory for all? Or maybe it shapes to the individual. Thus meaning it could be black and white and has no definite shape nor sharpness. But a subconscious understanding of the reader and listener.

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