I Seek Utopia

May 8, 2012
By stargazing SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
stargazing SILVER, Franklin, Wisconsin
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In the future I so seek
The world spins round
My beauteous physique
No man will be bound
For the glory of their dream
I hold my head in esteem

The economy is clockwork
Not one single flaw
Jobs shan’t have their quirks
The markets stand in aw
I dream to dare
Though life ought naught be fair

This world as I see
I have hope for us people
Though flawed we may be
For this I pray in thy steeple
Oh temple of mercy
House of our savior
To Christ I plead guilty
Judge us by our sins
Oh lord oh god
You must chastise us children
Thy say what is wrong
In thy heavenly commands
Allow us the freedom
To wash our filthy hands

The author's comments:
this seemed very religious like many of my poems yet I'm atheist in my religious nature

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