May 8, 2012
It’s a nice sunny day
Kids about to play
Adults going to work

In the city of New York
There are people walking
There are people talking
Then you hear a jet
You don’t even think it’s a threat
Then you hear a scream
It feels just like a dream
You see the fire and smoke
You know it’s not a joke
You are very scared
And very impaired
You feel it start to shake
You hope you’re not awake
Then you start to fall
You hit your head against a wall
You feel a lot of pain
Whoever did this is insane
Then a metal bar falls
Then all of the walls
You think of the better days
And slowly slip away
Then you go to heaven
On the day of 9/11

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Paco ♥ Clara said...
May 14, 2012 at 9:47 am
This is a beautiful poem. It is very well balanced and poetic, depicting in a very sensitive way the 9-11 tragedy. Congratulations MCOB1226 !!
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