Poetry Sucks

May 8, 2012
By Rebecca Hunt BRONZE, Philadelphia, New York
Rebecca Hunt BRONZE, Philadelphia, New York
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Poetry sucks
And it’s just my luck
I have to write haikus, limericks, and sonnets galore
All of which I abhor
I’d rather sit at home in my chair
Heck I’d rather wrestle with a bear
Poetry is like a bee
A pest that’s always bothering me
A pest
That I greatly detest
What’s the point anyway?
It is to lay
My feelings down?
Because I really could just say them aloud
A poetry assignment
Is like boring confinement
And even after I try
I still feel like I might cry
Poetry hurts me
And I write each line painfully
I can’t wait until we am done
But then it’s non-fiction and that’s so much more fun

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