My Broken Heart and Soul

July 17, 2008
By Amanda deBerardinis, San Diego, CA

There is a hole
A deep pit
At the bottom of
My soul
Empty as a tank
After the fish
Died and decayed
All life rotting away
Sinking like a pebble
In a dried-up well
Cold as ice
Dark as death

My heart
Crushed with heavy
Sticks and stones
Bruising it
Resulting with nothing
But a mere, faint beating
Against the struggle
Against the strain
Of the weight
Upon my chest
Lost, forgotten, gone

My thoughts
For my old passion
That I desperately need
But has been swept from
Beneath my feet
And into a dustpan
In a waste bin
All is blown away
With the violent wind
Carrying away
The autumn leaves

My life
Seems as if nothing
Will run smoothly
Like a stream
But will slam
Into the jagged rocks
And gush
And rush
Down a waterfall
Gone forever
Hopes melting
In that river of sorrow

My memories
Have faded and disappeared
Evaporating into
Thin air
Before my unforgiving eyes
Leaving not a trace
But warm, salty tears
Down my cheeks
I long to go back
Into the past
To relive

My recollections
Of happiness
In an imaginary and distant place
Where dreams soared
Like birds
Across the plains
As I flash
A blank, sad smile
Like broken glass
My life’s fragments
That will never be seen again

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on Aug. 5 2008 at 3:48 am
wow this is very painful. i felt it. you used a lot of well-written imagery in your poem, and that made it seem even more imaginable. nice rite.


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