Falling With The Rain

July 17, 2008
By Raychel Dunning, Ellensburg, WA

Looking through the crowd
For the one body standing out
More insecure and hurt
Filled with falselessness and doubt
A stranger that's unnoticed
One without a smile
One that's stepping on the stones
And has been waiting for awhile
A stranger that is dark
Hard to see into their eyes
One not forgetting
All the troubles and the lies
Looking through the crowd
I can finally see that face
The stranger I was searching for
Walking at a slower pace
Their face is veiled with a darkness
Their features enveloped with a pain
Their joys and hopes still linger
Falling with the rain
But as I reach this stranger
I look past their masking sealth
Staring in their eyes, I see
I am looking at myself.

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