Dream World

July 17, 2008
By Austin Cathcart, Ellensburg, WA

A paradox of dreams
Engulfing into dreams of chaos
She was a wistful dust of
Glittered mountain dust.
With a tongue that knew
Many languages
Of soothing songs.
Turned into the
Proximity of her and the mother
Of all languages and tongues,
Land forms and ocean depths.
Meaningful lea of truths
Spread across a sea of green.
Her touch as smooth as a
Sky of diamonds, and
Hair as smooth as a watery
Basin of flower's.
Eyes as unknown to
Creatures that were dropped
Into the depths of water's
Never end.
A face so unknown to wondering
Creatures that roamed across
The grassy lea of forgotten
Lustful scars, from ruthless
A second chance of a never
Ending story, or an end to a
Story that was never told?

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