July 17, 2008
By Eva Kis, Cranston, RI

Poisons are not always on bottles.
Not always labeled with neat script,
at least you were not.
There was no warning on you.
No label saying “beware”.
So I blindly walked into your poison.
The first thing it took was my senses,
in a flash they were gone.
Then it slowly worked its way through me.
Just like you slowly worked your way through me.
By the time I realized what had happened it was too late.
You had made it to my heart.
Once there the poison finally did what it was intended to do.
It took my heart and broke it,
leaving shattered pieces everywhere.
So no not all poison are bottled,
or labeled with neat script.
Yet no matter what form the poison takes it is always deadly.

The author's comments:
I would like to thank and praise all the artistes and photographers that added their beautiful art and pictures. Thank you.

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