Summer Storms

July 17, 2008
Summer storms

The sky glowers.
A breath of wind sifts through the heavy air, brushing the windows with cool.
The air is warm, pressing, almost solid, against the ground,
Tension is felt in the back of the head, or the eyes.

Always the children shriek and cry with excitement,
The sheeting rain for some reason causing a rush of adrenaline,
And a need to dance,
Hands lifted to the sky.

And at night, when the water still falls from above,
The wind sings a lullaby,
And sends the world to sleep
With a wild song.

The thunder,
A sound like a giant has ripped open the sky.
The lightning,
A flash like magnesium burning in prep school labs.

The relentlessness.
The awe-inspiring power.
It makes you marvel at the world,
And give thanks to God.

And after,
There is calm,
And release,
And sleep.

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