Wher is my help?

July 24, 2008
I feel the sand beneath my feet. The warm sand, the soft sand, the sand gives me a warm feeling all over. It makes me forget all of my fears, all of my worries. They all melt away when i feel the sand beneath my feet.
I walk, still feeling the warmth towards the waves. I feel them call me, they call me and draw me to them. I walk into the water. It is cool, and refreshing. The sounds, the smells overwhelm me.
I close my eyes, I try not to loose myself in all of the comotion, but i slip. I fall, and the waves take advantage of my weakness. They pull me under, and i reach out for help. I reach out, but i hear no answer. I feel no hand reaching out for mine. I dont feel you. I dont see you trying to help me.
As i wait for you, the waves engulf me in all of my fears and all of my regrets. I lose myself, as if i have taken my last breath. I want to breath, i want to move on, but i just cant seem to move my feet, i cant seem to breath.
So as i sit here and wait for you to help me, i realize that i dont need you.I can make it on my own. So i finally breath, i finally move on. There is just one problem, who will be there to pull me out of the water? Who will be there to help me move?
I feel a hand reaching for me, I wonder is it you? Is it the one who will help me move on? As I come out of the waves of all my fears, I see your face, and your smile. They warm me, and make me forget about my past. We smile and talk, even though we have only know each other for a couple days, it feels as if I have know you for years. I love the way we laugh and have fun together. I love us being together. I love you! You make me feel like being myself, you make me feel loved, you make me feel like everything the other one never could. I want to talk to you, I want to see you, I want to be with you, but im scared that you will be just like the other one. I guess i was wrong, because you are nothing like the other one. You are my future. You are the one who will make me forget the past. You are my new waves. Waves of happiness and joy. Waves of fun. Waves of love!

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