Fire and Ice

May 4, 2012
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There once lived two rulers known as Fire and Ice,
Who continued to fight leaving both their lands filled with gore and vice,

Fire would breathe flames of smoke,
While Ice would use the bitter cold,

But, it was no surprise that their people came to despise their rulers even more,
For the war was going no where,
Only leaving behind dreadful nights scented with blood,
And leaving behind the ruined lands scattered with bodies and crud,

Their people eventually promised to rebel very soon,
If an agreement between the two wasn’t made that very noon,

So, at last the two rulers came to the conclusion that they must come to terms,
And, at last they signed an agreement and shook hands firm,

But before they were able to realize what they had just done,
Fire froze to death,
And Ice melted until there were none,

And, when the townsfolk heard,
They indulged in merry-making for endless days and nights,
For no longer did they have to live their lives in misery and fright,
The enemy was finally dead,

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Gypsyroses said...
May 9, 2012 at 5:39 pm
Awesome poem! I love the way it tells a story, and the rythm is always perfect, as are the rhymes.
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