the devil dates your daughter

July 17, 2008
By Brittany Sobolewski, Chapel Hill, NC

He’s so beautiful when he cries.
There’s not an answer for everything, and I will not ask forgiveness for something I didn’t do.
This conversation comes up sporadically, and he’s so beautiful when he cries.
I knew everything I needed to know about you when I first held your hand.
She’s a terrible actress,
Lies like arachnophobia.
“its us against the world,” he screams.
He spins me round, and round, and these wild, wild waves crash,
one atop of the other.
My fingers trace patterns along his chest.
“can I kiss you?” he asks.
His voice is like that of a thousand monarch butterflies in flight.
We dance barefoot in my kitchen.
Cheap beer and cigarettes,
This is how we pretend.
I like the way I feel in your arms.
“spectacular,” he whispers to me, “spectacular,”
Tonight the sky is speckled with a hundred million stars.
We try to count them all and the impossibility of it looms before us,
Daunting us, teasing us.
But, we’re so alive, and didn’t you know this world was made for us?
“for you,” he cries, “all for you!”
The intensity of our passion washes over me and him and all of the earth trembles with the shock of it.
You tell me that you love me,
But he’s so beautiful when he cries.

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