Growing Up

May 7, 2012
When I was ten years old,
I had a bud named Ben;
He was always there for me then.
I remember he was never cold,
But big, strong and bold.
Now I am not ten,
Ben is more than my friend,
And now a story must be told.

"We stand in the courtyard after school,
Girls gossip on who is lame and who is cool
So I am not into it and just run away,
Back to the park where Ben and I shall play.
But he is not there,
He is with some girl,
And I simply do not care.

"Now I know what you are thinking,
Let me tell you it's not true.
I do not mind his ugly smile,
Or those eyes with that deep shade of blue.
I do not care,
And I am not a teen,
I am just a simple human being
With no lame burden to bear.

"Today I am sixteen and my bud gave me a present,
Now I realize the little things that life may bring.
Someday day we must grow up,
Even though I shall resent it,
But now I know for sure
That my bud will never be absent."

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