There Will Be None

May 7, 2012
By leinad144 BRONZE, N/A, Maryland
leinad144 BRONZE, N/A, Maryland
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We are on a certain path
And it will be hard to change it
We chose it for permanence
And at the time it seemed right to take it

We simply saw how wide it was
And could not see where it went
And the other path was so dirty
With the occasional rut and dent

Yet now that we have traveled this road
We see where it will take us
We see the danger up ahead
And we see this road will break us

So we all must make a path anew
And change our rooted ways
Our feet will be cut, our legs scratched
But we will see a brighter day

For if we do not change our path
We will see the setting sun
And when our generation is gone
There will be none

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