Remembering To Breathe

July 16, 2008
By Stephanie Bettley-Duff, Plymouth, MA

I can't believe what I'm hearing
your words almost knock me over
Flashbacks of the times we spent together
the skittles we shared
the hugs, the kisses
You don't understand what your'e doing
each step is like your'e stomping out all the promises
your'e ripping my heart out
but you keep going
We had something special
everyday was like a celebration with you
but now it's all gone
I want to believe you when you
say it'll be okay
but I don't

The author's comments:
I have always been the girl who everyones friends with, but no one likes. Or even really knows her. Nobody knows, or even can begin to feel the pain I feel every day, the rejection, the cruel words spoken by teens, men and womwn alike.I am a child living in a world where hate, is a way of life.

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