The Good Ol' Days

May 7, 2012
The simplicity of life a decade ago,
When I was small enough to hide behind a mountain made of snow;
I'd sit beneath my kitchen table,
Acting out a fairy-tale, myth, or fable.
I'd be the princess, and my mother was the queen;
There we sought shelter from dragons unseen.
Daddy was the king, and I'd crowned my brother prince
In a story I told to dolls I've deserted since.

I miss the days when my world was Candyland™,
And the days I spent hours making castles in the sand.
I long for the time when I had Barbies as dolls, not friends,
And I cherish the years when playtime had no end.
That was my childhood, the good ol' days;
How I wish I could go back to that simple, happy phase.

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