Poker Face

July 16, 2008
By Anonymous

To be met with such feverous hostility
battery acid cocktails.
Venom for breakfast, toxins for dinner,
She waits at every corner.
There are knives in her eyes,
knives in her heart.
She knows me better than you ever will.
We are the best of friends.
Our enmity is like consumption.
What appears to be contradiction to you is merely an unacknowledged complexity to us.
Headaches are like hurricanes.
Unattainable power lingers like the sweet smell of a departed passion.
She crawls into me, splits me in half and makes herself comfortable.
I wear her like a second skin –
she fits so well.
Matching underwear,
It’s synonymous with regret.
I pray you’ll never meet her, but…

inevitability is proving a hard thing to escape.

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