May 7, 2012
By GrrrrrrrrrrrrR BRONZE, San Diego, California
GrrrrrrrrrrrrR BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Every morning I get out of bed
At the same time day by day
I walk down my hall
Where there’s a mirror on the wall
I walk by it all the time
Never bother to stop
In some big rush to continue on with my life
One day I decide to stop and take a look
Wondering what’s on the other side
I wonder if it is different
I wonder if it’s better
I continue to stare at my reflection
What could possibly be on the other side?
A journey I wish to go on
I wish to trade places with my reflection
Even just for a day
Just wanting answers what it is like on the other side
Do people always judge there?
What if the sky is green and the grass is blue
Is it a world where women are treated better then men?
Do they even have diseases there?
I continue to look at my reflection wondering what is on the other side
I want to know if it holds my dreams
Dreams I can only imagine
I wish I could know
Never will I find out
This is just a mirror that hangs here on this wall
Continuing to walk going on about my
Secretly still wishing the mirror would take me away
One day I will find a way
To unlock the mirror

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