July 16, 2008
By Jessica Stead, Christiana, PA

Blah Blah.
Stupid words,
Fill your air,
Take up space,
Leave me breathless.
And you,
All without words,
Because me words take up the air.
Those who listen,
-Yes that's you,
Fight to breath.
Breath in air that's filled with pointless phrases.
Like my stupid words
That turn this air,
Air you breath,
Into poison.
You grow bored of breathing.
So sorry for my boring word,
I'm forced to write,
Then recite to you.
Go on, be mad!
Just not at me,
For I too am mad.
For I did not make you listen.
I don't even like these stupid words.

The author's comments:
This I wrote when a mean sub made us write all class period. It was intended to share, and embarrass the sub, but she didn't make us share afterall and so no one ever heard my stupid words... untill now.

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