July 17, 2008
By BreAnna Travis, Phoenix, AZ

I looked out the window
And realized there was a sea
Plenty of opportunities
Opportunities not for me
I let them fly by
Like the twinkle in my eye
I looked into the mirror
And realized that I was not I
This image I can not bare
So I just stood there and stared
With my eye wide closed
My soul just did not care
This feeling oh so rare
Once upon a time I belonged to him
And he belonged to me
He even hugged me at night
And set my soul free
Now I can not stand the human touch
I just want the shadow to leave
I know that much
At night I can not sleep I can not breath
It was not real thats what I feel
For my soul I worried that he will steal
This feeling that once was oh so real
The devil I do not want to meet
One day he will come back and we will meet
One day he will love me
Maybe even one day
Just maybe
I could call this he my daddy

The author's comments:
My father was a drug addict I do not want to see that side of him again.

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