July 17, 2008
By Rachel Hurley, Travelers Rest, SC

Thinking of you makes my head spin
As I stand looking at the shards of glass that lay before me
I remember it was you in the mirror
Your face
Haunting me
Holding my source of life in the palm of your hand for eternity
You made me cringe with fear at the complexity of your trade
Your hand in mine
It was all a lie
“I love you”
Your words were repeating in my head like a satanic trance
And to think you enjoyed every minute of my failure
Every breath I took thinking I knew you
Ashamed is beyond what you should be feeling
Twisted lies resembling something that wasn’t and could never be scream at me
I experience a momentary lapse
as I attempt to grasp the frequency
of this all most never-ending battle
I can’t say I miss you because I never knew you at all
I only knew who you showed yourself to be
Your identity masked in the truest sense
I slip into a world where you lurk in every corner
Your beautiful face shines brighter than others
I hide my face in my hands and close my eyes
I wish repeatedly for a second chance at destiny
I take a breath and feel the toxicity going through my lungs
Overcoming my body
I pray for life
Life without your overbearing grasp holding me in your arms
Whispering pathetic lines of pure deceit
I wonder if I’ll make it out alive
And see if the sun will still rise
In my world
Back on earth
I cry for a miracle
I cast my dreams far away
I remember the journey that lead me to this day
I slip into a silent daze where I lay tormented and simply decay

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