My Dearest Angel

July 17, 2008
By Britnie Jordan, Conroe, TX

My Dearest Angel
How do I even start?
Could I ever make it clear
With all of my heart
How much I needed you here?

My Dearest Angel, is what you are
Appointed from God to help me this far.
You can shake your head all you want at the name
But I know straight from heaven is the place that you came.

Such Joy and Comfort your smile can bring
This shows you’re bound for many great things.
Please don’t forget me and all we’ve been through
I know for a fact I won’t forget about you.

I’ve held on way to long, He must set you free
But I thank God for the time He lent you to me.
My Dearest Angel,is what you always will be;
My Dearest Angel, a dear Angel to me.

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