Admirable Woman

July 19, 2008
By Mercedes Anderson, Brunswick, GA

I look up to, but do you really know why?
Do your really want to know?

It is because of your:
Grace, class, and elegance-- the way you walk and carry
The wisdom and knowledge you have obtained through your
journey of mistakes, failures, accomplishments, and
experiences, in which you graduated or were defeated,
The conscience to decide right from wrong, although it may

seem and feel right,
The courage to be yourself, not allowing others to

influence or persuade you to go against your beliefs

unless you really want to, and
The heart of an angel to forgive and forget because you

choose not to dwell on the past.

Sure there are some people who did you wrong in the your past but hey, there is a reason they didnt make it to your future
The right for you to demand respect and nothing less,

because you are entitled to it
And also, the authority and dignity to not be called out

of your name because of what others may think of you.

The good thing is, you know who you are, there's always going to be haters!!
You hold your head up high, because you know people love to see

you with your head down!
You're the real deal, people can hate it or love it!!

When it comes 2 love:
I wouldnt do half the thing's you do, 2 put yourself through.
You are truly an amazing ride-or-chick, constantly by your

man's side.

A wonderful friend yes you are,
You're alway's listening to someone's else problems,
when you have yout share of yours.
Whenever you need advice, i'll be ur lifesaver!

He may have hurt you once, maybe even twice but you're still together, trying to make end's work.

What hasn't killed you is only making you stronger
Phenomenal, extraordinary, and simply unique

Better yet, my best friend, an admirable woman for young women to look up to!!

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