Written In Pen

July 17, 2008
Written with love,
Upon a blank sheet.
Ink fills the paper,
Where the pen meets.
And upon this stark paper,
Shades of blue, shades of black,
Is where I am written,
And not taken back.
And whoever may read it,
Can't judge me again,
For I am just words,
Written in pen.
And on this blank page,
Is where my feelings will flow,
And where I stay hidden,
From people I know.
And after I'm dead,
I will always live on,
Through whoever reads this,
Although I am gone.
But until that time being,
My next goal is set,
To fill sheets of paper,
With love or regret.
And whoever may read it,
Will know it's the end,
When they see my name,
Written in pen.

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