May 4, 2012
By Human123987 BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
Human123987 BRONZE, Hampden, Massachusetts
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The Omni exists, in a world that never could.
It allows a birth, demands the creature serve him.
Potential maggot, potential savior of all.
Born dead but alive, he doesn’t understand yet,
The things he will do, the horrors they couldn’t see.
Right-side brained today, but left-side brained tomorrow.
He is born, not hatched, the family sees true joy,
And cringe at the thought, that they may never feel it.
Flesh seen like silver, the creature takes its first breath.

The boy is handed a lantern, taught how to light it aflame.
Always successful, Mother says the Omni is proud.
“But remember son not to take life lightly, it isn’t a game.”
He thinks he’s never heard a voice that was loud.
He is loved. And he’s hated, but that’s by Baphomet.
Not sure if the numbers should be high or low,
But he knows he’s hit the mark, he hasn’t failed yet.
Stares out the window, sees the beauty of snow.
Loves his town and country, happiest place on Earth.
Never known the displeasure of having a taboo wish.
Life’s been good but complex, since the day of his birth.
Hungry in the kitchen, while his mother cooks fish.
Take pride in this boy who values his life.
Baphomet may yet comment, that he hasn’t met strife.

Now he thinks he has the freedom of will.
Just don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t kill.
But oppression leads not to glee.
Wonders if he’s truly free.
Sits alone in the dark,
Hears a voice quite stark,
“They’re all evil,
Kill them all.
We are

The blood-thirsty villagers cheered
as they circled around the pyre.
The reflection of fire glinted off their eyes,
and they watched their leader
set the restrained little girl aflame.
She screamed for her mother,
to no avail, for she was already dead.
Glowing fragments of flesh began peeling off,
and as her eyes turned to ash,
and her nerves became overworked by messages of pain,
her last sensation was the smell of her body,
turning to charred meat.
The heartless worshippers danced into a frenzy.
They clutched the icons hanging 'round their necks,
and knew the Omni would love them even more now.
Their leader told them she was a non-believer,
she deserved what she got.
Never question the leader.
When the job was done,
and the ashes were flowing through the air,
the high priest picked up the pagan girl's bones,
and thrust them into the pile.
The only one who felt sympathy for the corpse
Was the shadow, the post-perfect young man,
beginning to appreciate Baphomet’s whispers.

As if the thoughts were implanted via a chip,
It whispers, it whispers, “Enter my lair.”
The doubt constantly arises,
Tormented by the nameless air.

The Omni frowns upon authority,
For their Tree of Knowledge hasn’t much girth
Falsely accused, terribly abused,
All by the nameless earth.

He doesn’t matter like he used to,
Nothing compared to the youngest daughter.
“Go on, toy with my emotions more!”
He shouts at the nameless water.

Hatred builds up for what’s been constructed,
This world is a corrupt balloon, floating higher, higher.
He decides that he must pop it,
Embrace the hatred, the nameless fire.

They tell him that he can’t exist,
The Omni is everything, you better fear it.
He’ll show you what to fear,
His darkening spirit.

All his life he served,
The Omni briefly sated him, but It’d reigned for far too long.
He yearned for It’s death, couldn’t be alone,
He raked the streets for misfits, met villains in secret clubs.
Society’s dregs, They’d watch this no more.
Made a tight nit group at first. Grew, became the town’s feared gang.
More or less a cult, based not on worship,
But hatred for the Omni, for It cared not about freaks.
A freak has knowledge, A freak has strong will.
A freak can see the true world, a freak can freely live life.
A freak could kill too. Pillage the village.
Kill the High Priest Murderer, Reduce the town guards to guts.
And a freak had friends. Now they united.
Led by the darkened spirit, they had a goal to live for.
March on Heaven’s gates. Murder the Omni.

Flames of He** enter Heaven as the army nears
Angels stop beating children, smile for their fears.
The Omni is a nazi now, Hitler eating a black mushroom.
The grown shadow will assure this is the Aryan doom.
As the freaks arrive at the gates the angels cough up blood,
The Omni knows the freaks are made of evil’s tainted cud.
Smash Heaven’s gate down, burn the walls,
Approach upon the Omni’s tainted halls,
They strangle each angel gruesomely by their optic nerve,
Eyes that can’t see the truth today get what they deserve.
Rip apart their wings and shove them down their throats,
Baphomet himself arrives, sends forth his army of demigoats.
Not one freak falls to Heaven’s drunken guards.
Luckily evil tends to fail with fate’s magical black Tarot cards.
As the ribs of the last angel break in this revolution,
The Shadow sees the true perfection of his godless solution.
He walks into the Omni’s throne, palace of Olympus,
With his army evil and strong, this wretch’s death’ll be the simplest.

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