Blue Sky

April 2, 2012
By jamesho BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
jamesho BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Blue Sky

Europe was burning.
England’s soil was overwhelmed by the bodies of allies
France’s rivers red with the blood of enemies
China’s cities were ravaged by the flames of war

And yet Japan’s sky remains blue.
Untouched by the hell
war has brought to the world.
The sky remains innocent
But after today it will never be the same.

A single plane flies through this blue sky.
Poised to make this sky forever gray.
The Enola Gay releases the bomb
over Hiroshima

It cuts through the sky,

Falling faster and faster,

Until the fuses begin to fire,

And the bomb explodes.

Directly onto the enemies below.
A strategic military strike,
To prevent any further bloodshed.
The decision: attack a civilian city.
Population: 350,000
Filled with schools and hospitals.
Complete annihilation,
Unparalleled destruction,

The author's comments:
I am an aspiring author who can hardly fathom the immense power of writing. I sincerely hope my work will elicit the raw emotions so many readers have forgotten. If I can exhilarate, provoke, or inspire a reader, my purpose in life will have been fulfilled a thousand times over.

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