Organic Elements

July 16, 2008
By Alim Ramji, Oklahoma City, OK

Organic elements fuse with the body,
Producing strength and vigor,
Allowing for a dynamic nature.

Organic elements fuse with the mind,
Structuring the potential power of the organ,
Producing efficiency.

Hypothesis: Mind + Body = Soul

Yet the soul is left untouched.
The equation is incorrect.

The author's comments:
Poetry has always allowed the writer to twist and augment language in ways unimaginable. Poetry can not only relieve stress but can also be applied to every situation, both joyous and dismal. Poetry is also able to include themes from fields other than literature, such as from science or pure mathematics. My poem, "Organic Elements" is based on this fact and I recommend anyone, writer or not, to attempt to write poetry. You never know where the outcome will take you.

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