the end

May 4, 2012
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i sit at corner of the room,

with my head down,

wondering' why the he** do i hum the same old sad song...

what made me so negative??

what made my life terrible to live??

and then suddenly i hear no sound...

like there's no one and nothing around...

am afraid,

i don't wanna see what's happening'

i scream,i shout,but i know no one's listening'

i opened my eyes but it made no difference..

it's not a dream,it's reality tat doesn't make sense...

i felt something' dragging me,

but i just couldn't see what it is,

and suddenly i was in my past, my memory

it was playing just like a movie!!!

see the situations that effect me,

the cause of all this i see,

"that's it!!it answers ever question of mine!!

now my life's gonna be really fine!!! :)

but wait!why did everything' disappear

why am i seeing' myself??

oh no!!this can't happen..

but i haven't lived my life yet..

it's just so early...

you just can't take me"

i see my soul moving' away from my body

and ends the story of a girl who was always living' for somebody...

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