Rearview Mirror

July 15, 2008
By Tim Gavan, South Setauket, NY

I'll take you home
I think it's getting late
You know how your folks get
When they have to wait

Good thing I only had a couple
Lucky I saved up for this car
Thank God it's just a mile further
A little dizzy so I can't drive very far

Headlights burning through my eyelids
And where the hell's the steering wheel?
Pictures flashing in the rearview mirror
Like photos on a movie reel

Should've taken that last left turn
Should've stopped at the traffic light
Feels a little bit like flying real fast
When you're driving this late at night

Maybe I shouldn't have drank that last beer
Why did I let you get inside the car?
I can't be swerving - didn't have too many
So why's this car spinning more and more?

I'm sorry that I took you with me
Sorry that I chose to drive
Sorry that I gambled baby
Sorry that I bet with both our lives

I can't even find the gas break
How did I let it come to this
Didn't even see that big tree coming
There wasn't even time to try and miss

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on Oct. 4 2008 at 9:30 pm
I've gone through and read a bunch of your poems, just wanted to say they're really excellent.

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