Courage Is

July 15, 2008
By Kathryn Todd, Lumberton, NJ

A soldier fighting for freedoms taken for granted
Citizens are all actively recanting.
His eyes stare and can never see
What convinced him to believe
That honor was earned with a gun.
War forces insanity, as the mind comes undone.

Courage is the strength of mind,
To make a choice in a seconds time,
Knowing the consequences will shadow you for the rest of your life.

A congressman advocating for human rights,
Working without sleep through weekend nights.
When he was young he wanted to make a change,
Come to find the world is not an accepting place.
People don’t think justice can prevail,
So they start rooting for you to fail.

Courage is the fight for truth.
Even when it is hard to prove.
There are so many people who simply assume.

A teacher explaining the best ways to solve,
But teaching can be a thankless job.
Encouragement often falls on deaf ears,
And few are required to confront their fears.
She wanted to make a difference,
Know that she helped someone to achieve excellence.

Courage is the will to understand
That there are things greater than
What is explained and planned.

A parent still in the office late at night
Trying to set an example of what is right
But is it worth it in the end
To go on and simply pretend
That we are content with a living
Focused on everything we are lacking.

Courage is when we make a change
Find time to reclaim
What’s important by god’s plan.

A child believing in his dreams
Searching for what life really means,
And looking for protection that cannot be found
Against all the things that try to break him down.
Faith and determination are vital to achieve
Incredible feats.

Courage is the faith in self
To play the hand we are dealt
Because destiny is always stealth.

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