May 1, 2012
By kdagher14 BRONZE, Veazie, Maine
kdagher14 BRONZE, Veazie, Maine
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When we are young,
Learning to walk is our biggest responsibility.
One step after another,
Your parents expect you to learn the pattern.
The ABCs were quite a struggle,
Expected to memorize the song,
As hard as it may seem when you’re only 5 years old.
Be nice to your friends,
Eat all your food,
Obey your parents,
Or you might get sent to your room....

From ABCs to receiving A’s and B’s,
You start to figure out what matters.
Expected to be home at curfew,
Do all your homework,
Babysit your little brother,
Don’t crash mom’s car….
You experience stress,
And start to plan ahead,
For when your parents unlock the cage,
And set you free.

Walking down the aisle in your dress of white and lace,
You now have a partner in life.
You lean on each other,
And are expected to be there through sickness and health.
You change your first diaper,
Drop the kids off at daycare,
And put up with your uptight boss….
Tuck the kids into bed,
Up late paying the bills.
Counted on for loving, caring, and nourishment.

All of your life has passed by.
In a way,
Life resembles the beginning.
Instead of learning to walk,
And obeying your parents,
You make sure to take all your pills,
And call the grand kids on their birthdays.
You’re expected to share wisdom,
Maybe make the occasional batch of cookies.
Then, you’re responsible to be forever remembered.

The author's comments:
This is a poem that I wrote for my English class about the different responsibilities that you have growing up.

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