July 15, 2008
By Terra Ashgrove, Derry, NH

We sat there,
Not looking at each other.
But we knew what was going on,
From one great mind to another.

I stood and looked up at the sky.
The sea above us with white ships
Parading across it.
How I wished to be among there.

In my fury,
I started punching holes into the sky
Creating little voids of darkness
And the people began to cry

Never before had a world been so darkened!
Was this our future all along?
Everything was wrong
Or will a godsend
Save us now?

There is no godsend,
It’s how you make it.
Will you take this as honesty?
Or will you break it?

I fell to the ground,
The sky was full of stars.
No voids no holes,
Just us and the sky.
It was then when I realized
We had no roles,
Our play wasn’t well written.

We sat there,
Not looking at each other.
I fell backwards, my back to the ground
My head to the sky.
Wishing I was among them,

I started to cry.

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