After This

May 1, 2012
By KalaKush BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
KalaKush BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
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"age is a number not a limitation."

i would trade my sunshine for rain and comfort for pain. To never see your face. i can feel so much hate and i feel to late to ever breathe again. constant babble is a buzz in my mind but you said those things just in time. right when i was listening and when i had a smile. it feels as tho youve dragged me by barbed wire for a million miles. im playing russian roulett with a blank. a masquarade k...illing in my face. taunting me with its goulish claws bribing me to have no flaws. snow falls and erases color washing it all away till there is nothing left to take. my ciggertte burns and so does your love. like youve branded me as if breaking me wasnt enough. one false move and im caught. a mouse in a trap so helpless and lost. so small to the world smashed and battered like nothing i said ever mattered. though you hold it against me a gun to my throat. youre anger over me like a thick coat. new to life new to love, at first it was like heaven up above. but now im burning in my own personal hell. though i have no soul left to sell. some buy happiness and some get handed pain. im a billionare in sorrow, a child in the rain. The drops are solid ice theyre the tears that bring a deep slice.

The author's comments:
wrote this sitting in my room, im not good at love poems but me and pain go hand and hand

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