My best friend and I

May 1, 2012
By , Emmett, ID
How many of you have a friend you have had since you were little and go to them for problems or when you’re alone? When I feel alone or I have a problem, I went to my best friend! Since he is my best friend we used to have grandparents every year on June 7th! We Put flowers on the tree and wrapped the tree with a jump rope and then we would write Happy Grandparents day! <3 me and him! We always had a blast! My best friend and I told secrets and were honest to each other! He was my first real friend!

He is a fast runner, nice person, kind, and honest with me all the time! We keep our friendship strong by being honest and nice to each other and we hung out almost every day when he visited his grandma! Once a person said "People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes it’s important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!" and another person said "You don't know what you have `till it’s gone.
We met when we were really young! His Grandma lives across the street from me! He used to come for one month a year because he used to live in Nevada. Now, this last year he moved to Emmett permanently! I was super excited! When I went to the middle school in Emmett, he made me have a smile on my face every day! That is what I miss about him and the only time I get to see him is on Saturdays if he comes to see his Grandma.

Not that long ago I was telling him that I was sorry for being jerk when I was friends with a girl that I was not friends with at the time and he tells me "The funny thing is, we are friends now!" I said, "I am confused" He said " She started being nice to me all of the sudden" I was crushed and went inside my house and was crushed! My head was spinning and then I went outside and all the sudden it started raining and I knew it was because I was down! I try texting him and he ignores my texts. But he will be in my heart forever no matter how big of a fight we are in! A person once said, *Don't ever be afraid to come to me ~n~ cry* *Don't ever hesitate to look me ~n~ the eye* *Don't ever be afraid to tell me how you feel* *Remember your my girl ~n~ we gotta keep it real* and this reminds me of him and this is what he would say to me when we hung out in "our" tree! This is how him and I can stay in each other’s hearts forever!

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