Laughing trees

April 27, 2012
By Brianna Sanabria SILVER, Grandville, Michigan
Brianna Sanabria SILVER, Grandville, Michigan
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Winter is colorless
you see the white sprinkled covered grass,
It seems the only colors in winter are the blue sky covered with dusty clouds
and the frozen ground holding the brown slush.

But winter is also beautiful,
you see the glimmering trees
wearing their white coats with pride,
as if not even the heaviest of snow can defeat them.

You see the white ashe roofs shine
when the sun breaks through the sad clouds.

Others dread the coming of white,
they slouch and they bend
under the overpowering snow.

They wait for the white to vanish,
to melt all their sadness away
so they can smile when they
are reunited with their old faithful friend,
the open blue sky,
with the kind familiar glow of the sun.

Their fruit will blossom,
flowers will cultivate
the grass will rise.

The now beautiful colored
trees will be laughing at the
grayish blue trees that were once
the superiors of the season.

The author's comments:
I wrote this and I don't like the title but whatever.

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