May 3, 2012
By Chade&#39 Frazier BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Chade&#39 Frazier BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Tears have fallen from my eyes for so many nights,
Pain has filled my heart in just a matter of days.
To ease my mind, I listen to music and day-dream of her all day.
My room is my sanctuary and that is where I stay.
Spending endless hours in my room is what I do, like Penelope at her loom.

From the day of her departure, life became a privilege rather than a right.
My days were dark and cold at night.
But one day the sun shone bright.
That ray of light assured my heart that all would be well.
That day, that ray of light, that moment changed my life.
Life was hard but I always had a positive outlook.
I miss her, but every time the sun shines I feel the joy in my heart again

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