my poem

July 15, 2008
i am from my house, and the people who live in it

i am from my mommy, and her home made pies

i am from my music, dark and awesome like asia

i am from my friends, funny and active.

i am from food, yummy delicious pastas and fruit

i am from my video games,fun and bloody.

i am from chainsaw kills and curb stumps on my enemies head.

i am from computers and the programs i develop.

i am from your mom, and the jokes i make about her.

i am from my jokes and making people feel either happy or miserable.

i am from my friend manny and his crazy conversations.

i am from crazy subliminal lyrics.

i am from blah.

i am from my girlfriend kenzi and her silliness.

i am from god and his commandments... or at least some of them.

i am from completely messing up my teacher's lessons.

i am from huggidy-buggidy-googidy!!!

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