An Anti-Ode to the Miserable Morning

May 3, 2012
Early morning wake-up, I despise you.
Your sunlight breaks through my window,
& tears me away from a heavenly dream.
You force my eyes to peel open and my head to throb.
Getting up is impossible,
having to scrape my body out of bed,
nearly equivalent to a cloud.
Your cold air attacks my skin, forming goose bumps
& causing violent shivers.
Oh, how I hate you.
You bring memories of the day and night before.
You remind me of the time I wish I was having,
or the horrible hours I endured.
You make my muscles ache, my bones brittle.
You are a torturous routine,
comparable to pulling one’s toenails off with fishing pliers.
As much as I loathe you, you’ll never end.
So I’ll pull up my covers & pretend to escape.

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